Workshop street theatre and migrations

Migrar” is more than a workshop, it is a journey that the Kamchàtka company offers all those who wish to discover the city which they have arrived in, or which they have never left, with a new viewpoint, free of prejudice, with a child’s curiosity, dealing with the theme of immigration.

Migrar” is a collective experience where theatre is conceived as a social ritual meant for discovering and reinventing oneself, of reencountering one’s own story, similar to the dynamics in our ever-changing society.

Migrar” offers an opportunity of working with a collective, sharing living experiences and feeling as an immigrant through games.

Migrar” offers several days of immersion and exchange between the company members and the participants, with the objective of exploring reality around us with all its complexity, cruelty and beauty, through theatrical techniques, games and well-known codes.

Migrar starts as an individual experience that turns into a collective one.


Duration: from 3 days to 1 week. With 3 or 4 artists from the company.

Prior knowledge of street theatre is not required; instead, keenness for wanting to interact with a group and for letting yourself be carried away towards new ways of communication is sufficient. The theatrical techniques are used for creating both a distinctive language and group unity that allow the collective to rediscover everyday life realities and to put forward different tools, which contribute to a broader reflexion over our society.

The participants will be asked to bring : comfortable clothes for physical exercises, an old suitcase, a black and white family photo, brown/gray/black colored old clothes : a suit and shoes for men, dresses, coats and shoes for women.

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  • Migrar

    A concept and joint creation of the company Kamchàtka with Cristina Aguirre, Maïka Eggericx, Sergi Estebanell, Claudio Levati, Andrea Lorenzetti, Judit Ortiz, Lluís Petit, Josep Roca, Edu Rodilla, Santi Rovira, Gary Shochat, Prisca Villa. Direction artistique: Adrian Schvarzstein.
    A production of CARRER88, SL assisted by Melando.
    > Supported on tour by: INAEM, Institut Ramon Llull.
    Photos: Company Kamchàtka.

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