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The eye a camera, the body of a text, the ears of a stranger : Reaching out and touching the bare skeleton of an urbanism packed with stories that are buried, sunk into oblivion.

” Derrière le Hublot has hosted the NCNC team on three different occasions and in two different territories (Capdenac Gare and Cransac) where they carried out those artistic projects of which only they know the secret. When one loves, one doesn’t count the cost. And we love this team. We like the way that Prisca Villa and her team seize and embrace the town. The community that receives them are never left untouched and indifferent. On the contrary, they remember them for a long time, because with them the town can bring out the best in itself.”
Fred Sancère, director of Derrière le Hublot, Capdenac, France

“NCNC is first and foremost a great human encounter between an artistic team and the inhabitants of a place. It is a project that delves into each groove, which sets up friction and encounters all in order to carry out a unique site-specific creation. Few participatory projects manage to touch spirits and hearts as deeply as they do. Three years have gone by (…since the NCNC Film), but many people still tell us how important that moment was in their lives.”
Pierre Boisson and Quentin Dulieu, ARTO, Saison et festival de rue de Ramonville, France

Projections Akhfa2027 Celleneuve, Montpellier Akhfa2027 screening, Celleneuve, Montpellier, France

Since 2009 we have been creating unique and itinerant films which belong to a new cinematic genre: NCNC (Nuovo Cinema Neo Cinetico). Each one of these films is the result of four months of work, out of which 4 weeks take place on-site, within the community, in the designated neighbourhood or village.

Each film is conceived and created on-site, permeable and susceptible to everything in the territory it takes place in: its geography, its history, its stories, its architecture… and its residents.

All the films are created using the same methodology yet each one is genuinely unique and tells a totally different story, with a different plot and characters, and has a exclusive soundtrack that is specifically created for it.

NCNC movies without a video or celluloid camera, with no reel and no screening hall !

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