• NCNC : A new wave of cinema with the community

The NCNC team is dedicated to creating artistic activities in public space with the collaboration of the community. With NCNC (Nuovo Cinema Neo Cinetico) the team develops community based site-specific artistic projects blending cinema, photography, fine arts, performing arts and intervention in public space relying on and restoring cinema’s basic essence: movement.

In its first creation- NCNC FILMS – the NCNC team explore the thin line between reality and fiction, setting the public on an itinerant, expressive and spontaneous journey – movie, discovering the strength of the unknown fragilities in a city or a village. A road movie of a new cinematic genre that takes place in both public and private spaces…a real experience in real life, which offers the public a chance to get lost in a fictional world full of local mythologies, anecdotes and little stories …

NCNC Team members :

Prisca Villa
Gary Shochat
Jérémie Steil
Christophe Nozeran
Alberto Carreño
Laurent Driss
Amanda Diaz-Ubierna

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  • Melando: théâtre de rue, projets participatifs et in situ

    accompagne des artistes travaillant dans l’espace public en production et diffusion.

    Licences d’entrepreneur de spectacle n°2-1055834 et 3-1055835
    SIRET: 503 180 556 000 30 – APE: 9001Z

  • Contactez-nous!

    contact [at] melando.org

    Siège social:
    Mairie – Av. du Pic St Loup FR-34380 Notre Dame de Londres